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New Publications: November 2020

By Jitendra Subramanyam | November 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

We’re excited to share 5 new publications this month!

First, we published a landmark case study detailing how Jaguar Land Rover uses graph analytics to solve complex business problems. We published the first in a series of Ignition Guides that will help clients use Machine Learning effectively. The first guide gives clients step-by-step instructions for identifying a business problem that is well-suited for ML. We collaborated with the CIO Research Team and several Gartner analysts to publish a library of Data and Analytics Use Cases for Midsize Enterprises and an infographic that shows how to make analytics projects repeatable and scalable. Finally, we’ve collected 13 real-world case studies that show clients how they can create measurable business value with D&A.

Want even more great content? You can find a complete list of our publications here.

Publication Summaries

Business Value of D&A: 



    • D&A is a value-generating activity. Ensure your team generates business value by following these 13 strategies sourced from real-world companies!
  • Case Study: Answering Critical Business Questions with Graph Analytics (Jaguar Land Rover)
    • D&A is supposed to solve business problems. All too often, these efforts run aground because business units and data teams lack a shared understanding of data. Learn how JLR uses Graph to connect business and data domains in order to ask and solve difficult business questions.
  • Data and Analytics Use Cases for Midsize Enterprises
    • Midsize enterprises can draw inspiration from the use cases listed here to jumpstart their D&A activities and start generating value immediately!

Data & Analytics Strategy and Planning



    • Are you eager to use machine learning in your organization but unsure how to begin? This detailed guide gives step-by-step instructions for identifying a business problem that is ready to be solved with machine learning.
  • Infographic: Establish a Repeatable Process to Discover Analytics Insights
    • Are there features that every analytics project ought to have? Yes! Use this infographic to learn how to standardized analytics projects so they reliably generate business value for your organization. 

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