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New Publications: April 2022

By Jitendra Subramanyam | April 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

  • 3 Steps Data and Analytics Leaders Should Take in Responding to Business Crises   NEW!
    • Data and analytics leaders can struggle to prioritize their response to business crises in a world with rising geopolitical uncertainty. Use this presentation as a starting guide to triage, share and innovate on D&A capabilities to help enterprise leaders achieve their crisis management goals.
  • 4 Case Studies for Developing and Governing Enterprise Data Sharing  NEW!
    • Pervasive siloing of data and resistance to data sharing limit the value of data and analytics. From these four case studies, data and analytics leaders can learn how to increase access to D&A and develop risk-adjusted business cases to unlock the business value of data and analytics.
  • How Graph Techniques Deliver Business Value  NEW!
    • Graph techniques are a key component to modern data and analytics capabilities because they span linguistic and numeric domains. Data and analytics leaders must first adopt graph technology and then promote the value it adds in answering increasingly complex business questions.
  • Infographic: Cross-Industry Benchmark of IT Score for Data and Analytics  NEW!
    • Gartner’s IT Score for Data and Analytics benchmarks the maturity level and importance of 25 activities across six objectives that are essential for data and analytics leaders worldwide. This infographic shows how the most mature organizations behave differently from all others.

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