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New March Publications

By Jitendra Subramanyam | March 05, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Research Team published the following last month:

Business Value of D&A:

6 Lenses for Discovering D&A Value Generation Opportunities
Click here to learn six “lenses” D&A leaders can use to identify new D&A-based value generation opportunities across their organization. Each lens comes from a real-world practitioner profiled in Gartner research.

Tool: A Living Library of Real-World Data and Analytics Use Cases
This spreadsheet contains over 300 real-word D&A use cases. Clients can filter by organization size, industry vertical, and solution type. Will update quarterly.

Library: Examples of How Data and Analytics is Used Across the Enterprise (Domain Data and Analytics)
D&A leaders can use this library to learn how their business partners are using data and analytics. The library collects and categorizes over 150 different case studies, tools, templates, and notes from across Gartner research.

Data & Analytics Strategy and Planning:

Pitfalls on the Path from Data to Decision
Every organization wants to be “data-driven.” But few distinguish between good and bad ways to use data in business decisions. This publication is the first in a series dedicated to helping D&A leaders avoid data pitfalls: common mistakes business leaders make when using data.

Data & Analytics Quality and Ethics:

How to Investigate the Operating Characteristics of Any Quantitative Model
Any quant model, even deterministic ones, can behave unpredictably. Learn how to systematically investigate the operating characteristics of your business-critical quant models here.

Data & Analytics Talent:

Use Role Adjacencies to Find and Develop Data Science Talent 
D&A leaders complain about the difficulty of finding high quality data science talent. How can they do better? By tapping sources the competition doesn’t know about! Click here to learn how to use role adjacencies to find data science talent others ignore.

Want even more great content? You can find a full list of our publications here.

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