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Meet the Chief Data & Analytics Officer Research Team

By Jitendra Subramanyam | April 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Hello World!

We’re a new Gartner research team. We produce best practice case studies, tools, and templates. The content of our research comes from leading practitioners of Data & Analytics from organizations around the world.

Profile photo of Kevin Gabbard 

That’s us left to right: Ariel (LinkedIn), Kevin (LinkedIn), Ben (LinkedIn), Ethan (LinkedIn), Farhod (LinkedIn), Jitendra (LinkedIn), and Shelly (LinkedIn)

Research Coverage

  • Generating Business Value with Data & Analytics
  • Creating Actionable Data & Analytics Strategies
  • The Quality and Ethics of Data & Analytics
  • Data & Analytics Talent

We have diverse educational backgrounds spanning political science, economics, management, international development, physics, philosophy, statistics, machine learning, and engineering. Together we speak at least 10 languages (Farhod has everyone beat — he speaks 5). We’ve worked in particle physics labs, non-profit organizations, universities, software companies, and state and local governments.

We like reading, hiking, cooking, stand-up comedy shows, traveling, and playing sports – we are hosting our first ping pong world series championship within the team next month.

Follow our journey as we blog about our D&A research.

Next installment: a list of our current research…see you again soon!

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