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How Long Should You Look Before You Leap?

by Jitendra Subramanyam  |  May 15, 2019

Meet the Chief Data and Analytics Officer research team | Check out our research In his fascinating book, A Man For All Markets, Edward Thorp trots out a problem called the “secretary problem” and breezily gives us the solution (pp.263-4). “Assume that you will interview a series of people, from which you will choose one. […]

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Chief Data and Analytics Officer Research Publication List

by Jitendra Subramanyam  |  May 3, 2019

Here is a list of our publications to date. Watch this space for updates every month as we release more publications. The Team Jitendra Subramanyam Ben Hertzberg Farhod Yuldashev Ethan Green Our research terrain covers: Business Value of Data & Analytics Data & Analytics Strategy and Planning Data & Analytics Quality and Ethics Data & […]

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Meet the Chief Data & Analytics Officer Research Team

by Jitendra Subramanyam  |  April 26, 2019

Hello World! We’re a new Gartner research team. We produce best practice case studies, tools, and templates. The content of our research comes from leading practitioners of Data & Analytics from organizations around the world. That’s us left to right: Ben (LinkedIn), Ethan (LinkedIn), Farhod (LinkedIn), and, Jitendra (LinkedIn). Research Coverage Generating Business Value with […]

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