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Build and Grow Your Business with “Gartner for Tech Providers”

By Jim Hare | October 05, 2019 | 0 Comments

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If you are a tech provider who has access to just Gartner’s core IT research, you are missing out on almost two-thirds of the value we can provide.  It’s like trying to drive a snow-covered car in the winter while you look through a small clearing in the windshield where the ice has been scraped.  You have to go slow because your field of view is extremely limited and you can only see a few feet in front of the car.   And, you have no idea what may be coming your way from the left or right.   You just hope you don’t encounter any surprises on the road as you drive slowly and cautiously to your destination.

TSP, what’s that?

But there is a better way to navigate your business!  In my former role as a product marketing exec, I wish I had known that Gartner had a research analyst group dedicated to helping high tech vendors – from startups to large established providers.   It would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and money.  Known as the Gartner Technology & Service Provider (TSP) research group, analysts on this team provide must-have research and advice to help technology and communications leaders better understand and grow their businesses.   Gartner TSP offers targeted research and advice contextualized for key roles:

  • General Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Product Marketer
  • Emerging Tech CEO

Imagine having direct access to a bench of 300+ business leaders, product strategy, market forecast, and go-to-market experts with high tech vendor backgrounds on speed dial whenever you need strategic advice.  This is exactly what you gain with TSP.   You will actually save money since TSP access can eliminate the need to hire expensive external consultants to perform one-off market research and strategy advice projects.

With unlimited TSP analyst inquiries, we can help you:

  • Re-examine and re-evaluate marketing priorities and investments
  • Review and update go-to-market strategies
  • Fine-tune your competitive positioning
  • Evaluate market opportunities from emerging technologies
  • Validate product strategies
  • Identify new partners
  • Prepare for investor meetings

Not All Gartner analysts are the same

TSP analysts are different from the IT end-user analysts that most high tech vendors focus their time and attention trying to influence.   IT end-user analysts are the ones who write the MQs and rate vendors.  The reality is that the goal of IT end-user analysts is to help clients make the best technology buying decisions.   So, while it is important to spend quality time with the end-user analysts to ensure they accurately understand your product capabilities and company strategy, they are not necessarily trying to help you succeed.  On the other hand, TSP analysts have years of hands-on experience building and growing high tech companies as CEOs, VC partners, business execs, marketing leaders, and product portfolio managers.  They can guide you on how to apply your technology innovations to solve the right business problems that your customers and prospects care about and are willing to spend money on.

TSP Analysts are YOUR Advocate

TSP analysts, on the other hand, are dedicated high tech provider champions.  Our primary goal is to help vendors understand the changing market dynamics and how to react to build the right products and strategy to gain more share of the wallet from the end-user clients.  We understand the challenges of building and growing a business whether it is a startup or an established multi-billion dollar company.   To fully understand the market, the TSP analyst team publishes highly accurate global and in-region quantitative market statistics / forecast analyses across 175+ technology markets and 100 different countries.   Our market analysis and statistics will help you penetrate distinct customer segments and find growth opportunities.   And we offer role-based best practice research, tool kits, and go-to-market advice to help vendors adapt to changing buyer behaviors.

What does TSP Access give you?

Based on your TSP subscription, you will have access to a library of qualitative and quantitative research notes, frameworks, and tool kits including:

  • Product leader benchmarks – optimize processes and improve product effectiveness by comparing your key performance indicators with industry benchmarks
  • Product leader score – measure, prioritize and improve your function’s performance on critical activities. The assessment gives you a roadmap for advancing maturity and advice to help you improve.
  • Market share reports  – insights on top vendors providing a quantitative understanding of major players’ relative strengths and year-over-year marketplace momentum
  • Gartner Peer Insights  – 90,000+ enterprise IT users have shared more than 150,000 online reviews covering more than 6,000 IT products; unfiltered customer feedback to help refine product offerings and positioning
  • Competitive landscapes – illustrative and qualitative insight into leading and emerging vendors within defined markets, as well as declining market offerings
  • Market Opportunity Maps – robust quantitative analysis of different markets and segments to help you understand which areas offer the highest growth opportunities.
  • Market forecasts – detailed insight into current and future spending by 7 top level budget components and subcomponents, and across countries
  • Industry-specific research – understand which industry verticals offer the best opportunities along with technologies that are enabling critical industry-specific initiatives

Do you currently have access to Gartner’s TSP research?   If not, your company is missing out on the must-have research and advice Gartner offers just for high tech vendors.  Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, competitors, markets and technologies to transform your business and drive higher growth.   Ask your Gartner Account Exec how you can get TSP access.  I promise you’ll immediately see the value from the unique role-based research and interactions.  Like me, you will look back and wonder why you tried to build a business without it.

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