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Good Bye Connected Home – Hello Intelligent Home

By Jessica Ekholm | May 31, 2018 | 3 Comments

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Digital disruption is happening right now in the connected home. The disruption we are seeing is the move from a connected home to an intelligent home.
But what exactly is the intelligent home? Well first of all it is the evolution of the connected home, the next step in how our homes will be shaped and function in the future. The intelligent home learns the behaviors and preferences of people, and in some cases pets, in the home. It adapts to and anticipates their needs. It is a home that utilizes data gathered from a selection of devices and sensors around the home, but also from wearables and even connected cars. It anticipates the needs of the users in the home and responds accordingly. It is a fully autonomous home that acts on your behalf. (This is KEY, it acts upon your behalf). The key components of an intelligent home are the analytics engine, the artificial intelligence (AI) solution underpinning the solution, and most importantly, a high level of user trust and data transparency.
Alright so here I am not talking about learning thermostats or smart video cameras I am talking about a much more integrated system, a system that uses several, multiple data points to create more a holistic view of the people (and yes pets!) in the home and that acts upon our behalf. There is no denying consumers are shying away from connected home products, partly, because they are “too technical”. In customer experience terms we talk about high versus low-effort experiences and there is a sense that these products are “high-effort” despite them not necessarily being it. An intelligent home, in theory, should lower the friction and effort for users interacting with their homes, no more fiddling with apps, no more shouting to Alexa, Siri, Hey Google, Hello “Whathisname”, no more manually programming schedules. It will be based on contextual awareness and understanding of the moment, if it rains then the sprinkler doesn’t go on as “usual” at 4am.. etc.
Example of how it may work…. (click on it to get a full view without having to use a magnifying glass and/or straining your eyes)
Are we there yet? No. Will we get there? Yes. Early adopters are experimenting. Are consumers really ready for it? Well, yes if we look at the latest consumer AI survey that we did the other month. 4100 respondents in UK and US … see below…
But then there is the “small” issue of the difference between what consumer say they want to do and what they will actually pay for in the end. However for now I am looking forward to finally being able to create that home that truly know me, but then I am an early adopter and have all the gadgets under the sun in my home… How about you? Where do you stand?
Want to read more? Check out the latest report here… Market Insight: The Move From the Connected Home to the Intelligent Home


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  • xxx says:

    It is very good news, it was time we also had an intelligent connectivity within the home and not only abroad. In the end we all make more life in our homes than in the street and where we must move forward is at home.

  • An interesting article.
    I agree, there is an increasing intelligence emerging from electronic products.
    It’s evolving quite quickly. Soon it will be at a point where it won’t matter if someone isn’t tech savvy in order to have all the benefits out of a product. Then to take it even further, I wonder how much longer it’s going to take for AI to be a normal part of our daily lives in our homes.