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Tech Growth and Innovation & The Power of 24 Hour Tech

By Jessica Ekholm | February 17, 2017 | 0 Comments

I am very excited to be part of our up coming event Tech Growth and Innovation Conference in LA on the 19-21st of June this year.

We have a stellar line up of analysts and sessions picked from over 300 submissions! The agenda is designed to explore a wide variety of avenues for growth – from refining your choice of markets to compete in – or targeting entirely new markets and technology directions, to improving operational execution, and adapting the way you interact with customers across the customer life cycle.


There will be a variety of themes to follow but I am particularly proud to manage one of the virtual tracks “24 hour technologies”. The idea here is that as individuals we now live surrounded by a 24-hour mesh of digital hardware and software that we expect will work together in whatever situation they are in — whether that be an ecosystem at work or home or on the go. 

Being present at more points in the day for more people means moving beyond single use cases to supporting richer scenarios for more people. To understand opportunities, go-to-market (GTM) managers and strategists must divide the day up into more detail to paint a picture of how people live and what the service and integration challenges might be in meeting their needs. Providers that deliver integrated experiences will see increased loyalty, retention and preferential spending. 

Most of the devices and platforms used in our 24/7 scenarios are either available today or coming very soon. However, while most of the component technologies are available today, what becomes clear when using a 24/7 scenario are the gaps in integrating these technologies to provide a holistic, digital experience that meets core human needs.

With no single vendor able to cover 24 hours, it is clear that integration is critical. Improved integration of devices, apps and services to create the best personalized experiences for whatever the user’s situation may be will be the key differentiating factor for the future for providers of personal technologies. This integration is made possible through partnerships to leverage devices, platforms, services and data.

In this track we will give product managers, marketing managers, CX managers and sales managers insights and tool kits to understand what the impact that 24 hour technologies are having on the enterprise, as innovations proven in the consumer world make their way into the enterprise, presenting new opportunities for providers–and also changing the way providers work and engage with their employees.

Looking forward to meeting you in June!

June 19-21 – Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference
Spend 3 days focused on refining all aspects of your Go-to-Market strategy.
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