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Who Ruined Social Media?

by Jenny Sussin  |  April 28, 2016  |  4 Comments

Someone asked me about Twitter’s stock price the other day to which I replied: I know nothing of stocks, but I’ll happily tell you who I think is ruining it for all of us. Let’s have some straight talk about who is ruining Facebook and Twitter.


Embarrassing parents ruined Facebook. Sorry, but they did.

Years back when people outside of colleges were granted access to Facebook, us college folk were more concerned about high school kids getting access to our “privilege.” I remember there being a Facebook group that was actually entitled, “Facebook is a college privilege, not a high school right,” or something of the sort.

I don’t know that any of us thought our parents might actually join Facebook, nor did we think they’d post our baby pictures on our birthday, or write novels on our pages singing our praises for the world to see…


Now, as a self-proclaimed adult, I think that all of that is actually adorable. Imagine the pride someone would need to have in knowing they helped raise a somewhat well-balanced human! However, when you’re somewhat between 14 and 20 you really don’t need the extra social anxiety that comes with people knowing that you took ballroom dance classes in middle school or dressed in matching outfits with your siblings.


This picture is so adorable, I think I may have posted this to show how adorable I was.


Marketers ruined Twitter. Just for kicks, I pulled up my Twitter home feed as I write this and removing companies I follow from this count, 5 of the 10 PEOPLE I am following are self-promoting + another 1 of the 10 is an advertisement.

*I can’t put a screenshot in here.*

Perhaps it’s a reflection of who I follow, but I don’t think I am alone in seeing this type of continuous self-promotion in my Twitter home feed. Now mind you that as I say this I will undoubtedly post a link to this blog post on Twitter and LinkedIn…but it’s not the only thing I post. Some of the “marketers” out there have told me I am not using Twitter appropriately because I don’t solely post about work. GOOD RIDDANCE!


You’re telling me that *this* is not on par with my persona as a social media analyst?


And now for the educational portion of this blog post…why does this matter? Well, ever wonder why “the kids” are moving toward applications like Snapchat or WhatsApp or any other mobile messenger? It’s to get away from their parents and companies and people who make Twitter the new Times Square with the amount of advertising being spewed. Luckily for Facebook, kids tend to grow out of the embarrassment of being praised and adored by their parents.


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Thoughts on Who Ruined Social Media?

  1. […] Jenny Sussin Someone asked me about Twitter’s stock price the other day to which I replied: I know nothing […]

  2. Van says:

    Brilliant. Love it.

  3. Mike Maziarka says:

    All valid points, but does any social media network need to be all inclusive? Yes, user growth can be hurting Twitter’s stock price, but I’m not sure that is an overall commentary on the value of social media.

    Isn’t the goal of social media to provide a facility for communities to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas? Yes, Facebook is perceived as being for “old people” like me (a daily participant who finds it extremely valuable). Because of that perception, my son has no interest in Facebook but instead is an avid Instagram and YouTube user.

    We gravitate to the network(s) that best serves our interests and needs. In the case of both me and my son, our use of social media growing but not on the same network. There are many social media options now, which provide different values to different users and needs.

  4. Harry says:

    Very valid point. But only our parents should not be blamed rather they should be guided properly as to social media. After it is a common interaction platform.

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