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If Social Networks Were N’Sync

by Jenny Sussin  |  May 8, 2014  |  4 Comments

It’s somewhat obvious that not all of today’s social networks, or yesterday’s for that matter, are going to make it in the biz, so in today’s post, I want us all to make some social network predictions based on what has happened to the members of N’Sync.


From L to R: Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick

Our five boy banders are:

Justin Timberlake – N’Sync’s number one member in terms of vocals, dancing and tween-heartthrob status, Timberlake has done well for himself as a solo artist collaborating with the likes of Timbaland and Jay-Z. Formerly attached to Britney Spears, Timberlake has had a series of high profile relationships before settling down with Jessica Biel. The hair and accessories were horrible, but they’ve gotten much better and I think they’ll continue to do so. Sometimes he let’s the other members of N’Sync hang out with him on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards, but not usually.

Sussin Score: LinkedIn


Lance Bass – I’m going to be transparent with you, he was my favorite in N’Sync’s glory days. Lance Bass was always unassuming and just did his thing. He got a lot of attention from the ladies and kind of just went with the flow. Years after dating Boy Meets World’s Topanga, he came out as gay. Lance isn’t popping up on random TV shows and we don’t hear of him making music, but he keeps just doing his thing and being himself.

Sussin Score: Pinterest


Joey Fatone – he was the bad boy of the group as you can see by his spiked red hair and accessories. Often times he wore no shirt sleeves, and other times they were there and mesh, but one thing we all know is that he was a big Superman fan (the 90’s cat video.) Fatone shows up randomly on broadway or pulling cameos on TV shows or even appearing in hair loss commercials. The guy has little shame but seems to have staying power.

Sussin Score: YouTube


JC Chasez – formerly a top 2 N’Sync member in terms of vocal ability, notoriety, and 12 yr old girl crushes, JC left N’Sync while still in some control of his career. He dated Tara Reid when that was popular and he had a few singles. He made some bad hair and wardrobe choices over the years and after becoming somewhat unimportant, he does do some behind-the-scenes work now.

Sussin Score: Facebook


Chris Kirkpatrick – Crazy hair. No one knows if he has a good voice but he fit a role. Perhaps he danced well? Anyway, a couple years back Chris was interviewed and said that he thinks N’Sync will definitely get back together some day. He’s slightly delusional but I think if a 90’s tween saw him, they’d still be excited from a reminiscent perspective.

Sussin Score: Friendster


Here’s the thing: we don’t get rid of boy bands. They come back for reunion tours and we wish they wouldn’t sometimes but guess what? Even Chris Kirkpatrick has fan sites to this day. Social networks are in flux, but that doesn’t mean the networks/boys won’t still show up in some way, shape, or form from time-to-time.

I’ll try and break out my best N’Sync impressions at Gartner’s Customer 360 event coming up.




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Thoughts on If Social Networks Were N’Sync

  1. Dan says:

    You neglected to mention JT’s movie “career” (I almost typed “film” instead of movie, but let’s face it, “film” sounds a helluva lot more artistic than “movie,” and his movies are anything but artsy).

    Poor Lance Bass…must be hard doing his own thing with his upwards-of $20M in royalties. Imagine the taxes he had to pay on all that? Yeesh! I’m crying in my Corn Chex. (I’m not.)

    Joey F…so wearing no sleeves and red spiky hair makes a “bad boy?” Also, as evidenced in every 80s coming-of-age movie involving a football jock, a confused pretty girl, and a nerdy-yet-way-too-young-looking-to-be-the-same-age-as-the-other-kids kid, mesh never makes you look like a bad boy. Appearing in hair-loss commercials does, however, make him somewhat honest. Much respect.

    JC Chasez – Well, you pretty much nailed it already: he dated Tara Reid, and then his career went…wait, did you see it? Where did it go?

    Chris K could pass for a junior high English teacher. Without the veggie straws on his head, of course. I never understood this dude. Why was he there? They would have been fine as the Fab Four. Then again, that moniker had already been used by other, far more talented gentlemen back in the 60s.

    Oh, right, I never commented on the scoring. I think it looks fair. And kudos for not giving JT the obvious Facebook score, considering he starred in The Social Network.

  2. great read…i vote Chris Kirkpatric as myspace to re-unite him with Justin Timeberlake…

    JC Chasez – haven’t heard that name in a decade, man I hated being told that I looked like him (happened a LOT for a 6 month period in like 2002 or 2003)

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