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Help Wanted: Digital Marketers Who Can Mix Art and Science

By Jennifer Polk | April 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

The days of Mad Men have come to an end and a new day has dawned.  Today’s marketer is a lot more likely to wear Google glasses than a suit, and you’ll probably find them at a technology conference rather than a three-martini lunch.  Marketers have historically relied on creativity, consumer insight and a dash of intuition to succeed.  Now digital technology offers them access to data that can inform their decisions and help them design more intelligent marketing programs. But, new techniques and technologies also introduce new levels of complexity as organizations struggle to find insight in the data and marketers are challenged to apply that insight.

Help Wanted

Digital marketers are challenged to hire and develop new skills, particularly in marketing analytics, in order to better understand data and use that data to drive marketing and business results. Yet, they can’t lose sight of the human element, the ways in which art and science can be combined to create customer experiences that grab audiences’ attention and serve a purpose in peoples’ lives.  During last week’s Adobe Summit, Robert Redford talked about the importance of order and chaos working together to fuel experimentation.  In order to truly succeed, digital marketers must blend art and science, creativity and data, to come up with innovative ideas that can be executed at scale.

While digital marketing is an area of incredible growth, roles and responsibilities remain inconsistent across industries, companies and teams.  It can be difficult to align titles, talent and traits of candidates who bring the right skills to the table and can collaborate across functions to deliver customer and company value.   This weeks’ Analyst Picks are all about helping digital marketers find the right mix of skills to build and advance their programs and identify the specific qualifications for in-demand roles in social marketing, mobile marketing and data analytics. The featured articles provide practical advice for hiring digital marketing talent and examples of the traits to look for in the ideal candidate.

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