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Yes, I want an iPad, but not THAT much

by Jeffrey Mann  |  March 27, 2011  |  2 Comments

I am not usually all that into gadgets, and I have never understood the manic devotion to all things Apple that some normally rational people display. I don’t have an iPhone (I tried, but that’s a long, not very interesting story) and am very happy with my Blackberry Torch. I get a secret satisfaction out of often being the only one in the room without one of those black rectangles.

image I resisted getting an iPad when they first came out, because I figured the second edition would be much better. The lack of a camera was a particular drawback, since this is such a perfect form factor for video conferencing. As Apple gets more and more controlling and arrogant (App Store policies, newspaper subscriptions,…), I wasn’t sure I wanted to go down that road.

But the iPad 2 convinced me. It is better in enough areas to convince me to get one. Not one, but TWO cameras. I was ready. They would soon become available in Europe (although about $220 more expensive than one bought in the US), but I figured I could pick one up during a trip to California this week.

Sadly, no.

I saw the news reports of low stocks in stores, and inquired about my chances on twitter. They were not encouraging. Apparently, to score one of these things, I should go to an Apple retail store at 5:00 am and wait in line until the store opened at 10:00 (maybe 9:00) to get one of the few devices dribbling out. Or check out a long list of inventory web sites at other retailers, followed by phone calls to plan out a strategy.

I don’t think so. Yes, I want one, but not THAT badly. For awhile, I will have to content myself reading what colleagues say about this phenomenon. I would not put it past Apple to be orchestrating this scarcity to increase the buzz, and I don’t want to encourage that kind of behavior. I might still get one, but not until I can avoid going to fanatical lengths to get one.

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Jeffrey Mann
Research VP
20 years with Gartner and META Group
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Jeffrey Mann is a Research VP at Gartner, covering cloud office, collaboration and social software.

Thoughts on Yes, I want an iPad, but not THAT much

  1. Bryan Sharp says:

    I spend whey too much on gadgets, but have resisted an iPad.

    I very much agree with your article, despite being know for my tech passion, the cost of iPad and derived benefit over existing tools, is just not enough.

    At Symposim last year I expected industry colleagues to have iPads, but so many? In some sessions near 70% had one, with them!

    Unlike you, I do have an iPhone, but only v4 since July 2010. It beats my BB hands down, I now use this for all my email and calls. My work BB is literally gathering dust.

    Given most of the apps I might use on an iPad work on my iPhone, and I still travel everywhere with my laptop, the iPad would be more cool than necessity in my case.

    I do desire a tablet, but rather than a big bro to my iPhone, maybe i’ll be spread betting with an Android derivative.

    While recently there has been much discussion about Android tables not being able to reap the EoS that iPads can, I still expect prices to be comparable in near months. Furthermore the open source nature of Android apps vs closed app store will serve my toy/geek wants better.

    What I do think is worth a mention, Apple have the end to end experience as close to perfect as possible for their market, augmented service, hardware, and the appstore to control how the apps work and police how they manage the hardware and device resources. In contrast I anticipate Android to be more edgy and at times a frustrating device from apps that eat battery life to ones that kill phone calls, but this is all part of the trade off for non policed bleeding edge quirky apps with greater capability.

  2. Ryan York says:

    I went from BB to Android and what a nightmare. Since then I have had a bad Amdroid taste in my mouth. I have been a Microsoft advocate since Windows 3.1 and have upgraded to every single operating system since then. I have never been much of a Apple/Mac user until I met the iPAD.

    What a remarkable product and investment!

    My new belief is that the iPAD is going to a lot more powerful once the Super App programmers become more intelligent.

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