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Twitter growth leveling off? Really? And if so, does it matter?

by Jeffrey Mann  |  January 21, 2010

The Internets are agog with speculation on numbers showing that the previously meteoric growth in Twitter users is beginning to sputter and slow down. Is this the end of the road for Twitter as the media darling? I’m not so sure. First, Hubspot’s measurements show that the rate of growth is slowing, not that Twitter […]

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Social Software Lessons Learned from Shoveling Snow

by Jeffrey Mann  |  January 8, 2010

Like many places in the northern hemisphere, it snowed here last night. So like many people, I started the day clearing the driveway and creating a path to the front door. This takes some time, and since it is fairly mindless activity, my brain wanders while doing it. I get lots of ideas when I […]

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