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What’s Holding Back Your Migration To Cloud?

By Jeffrey Hewitt | April 19, 2021 | 0 Comments

The nature of cloud migration plans is changing. In Gartner’s 2020 Cloud End-User Buying Behavior Survey, respondents indicated that their organizations are less likely to employ a lift-and-shift strategy by 2022 and will instead increase the use of other modernization approaches, including replace and build/buy new applications (see Figure 1).

As these approaches shift, barriers to cloud migration exist.  As noted in the Gartner publication, Break Down 3 Barriers to Cloud Migration, authored by my analyst colleague, Philip Dawson, the three main barriers are:

  1. Size. Large applications are less portable.
  2. Customization. Nonstandardized applications are not compatible with cloudlike infrastructure.
  3. Skills. Cloud providers often lack the transitional and transformational skills to drive modernization initiatives.

This document goes on to outline the ways to overcome those barriers and help to ensure that you can achieve what many I&O organizations are seeking today–a successful cloud experience.


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