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Want To Know More About Disruptive Technologies? Join Us For Our Virtual IOCS Event In December

By Jeffrey Hewitt | October 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

Like all organizations, Gartner has been impacted by Covid-19. In spite of that impact, Gartner, like many organizations has found a way to provide helpful information for infrastructure and operations leaders through virtual means. One example of this will be Gartner’s upcoming virtual Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference taking place December 7th through the 10th in the Americas and EMEA.

An example of one of the tracks for this conference will be “Disruptive Technologies.” This track will cover a gamut of the hot technologies including AI, serverless computing, containers and microservices, 5G and quantum computing.  I’m looking forward to presenting “Top Trends Impacting Infrastructure and Operations” as a part of this track.  These are the important trends on which I will focus (Figure 1).

Our goal is to help I&O leaders best prepare themselves for disruptive technologies and important trends that will continue to evolve.  We would be happy if you are interested in these areas and can join us for what we expect to be valuable virtual events. For more information, visit and check out our conference agenda.

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