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Want To Drive Digital Business Success–Lead And Innovate!

By Jeffrey Hewitt | November 09, 2020 | 0 Comments

As ongoing shifts in information technology lead Infrastructure and Operations down evolving paths, an important question presents itself. What can I do, as an I&O leader, to get ahead of the curve and support success within my organization?  A recent publication by my colleague, Roger Williams, presents some very valuable answers to that question. The document is entitled, Harness InfrastructureLed Innovation to Drive Digital Business Growth.

The pressures of Covid-19 and remote working have brought more reliance on CIOs.  In turn, this has improved business relations for CIOs on a number of fronts (Figure 1).

This improvement creates an important opportunity–it gives I&O leaders the chance to help drive important innovations within their organizations.  These innovations are not for the sake of innovation alone.  Instead, they are the foundation for changes needed to make digital business initiatives successful.

The point is that I&O leaders must take advantage of the improved business relations that their CIO’s now enjoy to transition from an I&O role that was focused on “fix it” to a role that is focused on “lead it.” I&O leaders are in a unique position not only to understand what changes are needed to make digital business work, but to become the innovative drivers of that change.  The core message is that the time is now to lead with that innovation.

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