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Solving The Mystery Of Edge Computing

By Jeffrey Hewitt | July 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

There is a lot of talk about edge computing today. One of the problems in the market is having a sound understanding what edge computing really is. Today, there are many emerging use cases for edge computing and not one, or even a few, predominant use cases and/or patterns for edge yet.

To help create a foundational understanding of edge computing, my analyst colleague, Tom Bittman has recently published an infographic that provides clarity as to not only what edge computing is, but where it resides (Figure 1).

The infographic is entitled, InfographicUnderstanding Edge Computing, and it defines edge computing, identifies the drivers for it, and reveals how it is being used.  This information is essential to build a foundation for leveraging what promises to be a growing style of computing that will have a major impact on how infrastructure and applications are deployed in an ever evolving digital world.

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