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Meet The Challenge Of Migrating To The Cloud

By Jeffrey Hewitt | April 05, 2021 | 0 Comments

As organizations migrate applications to the public cloud, they continue to find challenges. Meeting these challenges effectively is the key to having a successful public cloud experience.  One of the negative outcomes that can occur is when costs get out of control.  There are 6 main ways that this can happen (Figure 1).

The key to avoiding cost overruns and implementing a successful cloud plan starts with building a realistic estimate of cloud migration costs.  The recent Gartner publication, How to Build a Cloud Migration Cost Estimate, shows how this can be done.  Authors David Wright and John McArthur provide a best practice approach on how to create an optimal estimate of cloud migration costs.    For example, this document reveals that different migration alternatives have different cost profiles, and how to create an estimate that takes those cost profiles into account.

Taking a methodical and comprehensive approach to cloud migration cost estimation is a vital starting point.  It will help set the right expectations within the organization and facilitate what everyone seeking to migrate to the public cloud wants–a positive result.

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