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Leveraging Advanced Analytics Starts With The Right Questions

By Jeffrey Hewitt | February 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

As I&O leaders face a myriad of evolving infrastructure challenges, advanced analytics promises to help them in a number of areas. As with any solution, the question arises, “Where is the best place to start?”

To get the most out of advanced analytics, it is best to start with a set of questions. Gartner has created the four most important questions that should be asked when developing a plan to use advanced analytics (Figure 1).

The answers to those questions help to reveal the solutions to problems that can produce the greatest returns for the I&O leader.  To put it a different way, utilizing these questions as a starting point will reveal the use cases where an I&O leader can best apply advanced analytics.  Gartner provides the details for getting to these use cases in its recent publication, Infographic: Getting Started With Advanced Analytics in I&O — Top Use Cases.

If you want to leverage advance analytics to address the challenges that you face as an I&O leader, the first step is straightforward.  Start with the right questions to get to the optimal use cases.

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