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Know What I&O Skills Are Essential For The Future

By Jeffrey Hewitt | August 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

With the changes that continue to be brought about by technology trends and the pressures from Covid, it is important to look ahead to understand what skills are most important for the success of infrastructure and operations teams. Gartner sees these as falling into five main skill and competency categories (Figure 1).

To learn more details about the specific skills that underpin each of these categories, take a look at the recently published Gartner document, Fortify These Five Essential Employee Skills Categories for Infrastructure-Led Innovation. As the title suggests, this publication is about more than just filling job slots.  Its really about ensuring that the right skills are in place to lead with innovative solutions to today’s challenges.  After all, that innovation is what organizations need to thrive in the digital business world, and that is what Gartner is here to help achieve.


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