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It’s Time To Evolve Your Data Center

By Jeffrey Hewitt | June 29, 2022 | 0 Comments

What is your data center today? Should you think of it in the old “brick-and-mortar” perspective? The answer is simple–your data center now extends beyond 4 walls (Figure 1).

It’s important that you recognize this in order to move what you have been thinking of as you data center into the future.  My colleagues, Jason Donham and Jonathan Forest, have authored a set of recommendations to help you evolve your data center in an optimal direction.  Those recommendations can be found in the publication, How to Evolve Your Physical Data Center to a Modern Operating Model . This publication exposes the need to transition your data center approach into a more hybrid model and provides ways to do that.  With the ongoing growth of public cloud solutions, the time is now to bring your data center into the modern world and break out of the traditional 4 walls.


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