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Is An Alternative Server Provider Right For You?

By Jeffrey Hewitt | June 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

In light of today’s infrastructure delivery challenges and increasing pressures to optimize costs, you may want to consider changing server providers.  If you are currently using a leading server OEM, might a provider outside of the leading global OEMs be an option?  It all starts with the type of buyer that you are (Figure 1).

If you are an enterprise buyer like the persona on the left, you will need to understand the reasons why you may reach beyond a top server OEM, and why you may not want to go this route.  Along with my colleagues, Jason Donham and Tony Harvey, I recently authored the Gartner publication, InfographicDetermine Whether an Alternative Server Provider Is Right for You . This document exposes the typical strengths and weaknesses of the top server OEMs and the alternative server providers.  The document also reveals the reasons why you might consider the latter and recommendations to evaluate whether this could be a good or a bad choice.  If you examine these factors in this infographic, you can determine whether an alternative server provider may be right for your organization.

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