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Hyperconverged, Traditional or Distributed Cloud Infrastructure–Which Is Right For You?

By Jeffrey Hewitt | May 03, 2021 | 0 Comments

Today, I&O leaders face a number of infrastructure choices. Picking the optimal choice for a given situation can be quite challenging.  Take, for example, a comparison of traditional 3-tier architecture versus hyperconverged versus distributed cloud choices like AWS Outposts, Google Anthos or Microsoft Azure Stack Hub.  Each of those options has a distinct set of benefits (Figure 1).

Each of these choices also has limitations and issues to consider that will influence the selection.  One of my analyst colleagues, Julia Palmer, recently published an infographic to help understand how to make the right choice with these factors in mind.  The publication is entitled, Infographic: How to Make the Right Choice Between Hyperconverged, Traditional and Distributed Cloud Infrastructure, and it also features three team leader personas, their most important criteria, the skill sets that their teams possess and why they made the choice that they did.  The intent of this publication is to provide valuable insights so that you will be able to do what we all aspire to do when there are problems to solve–select the optimal solution.


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