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How Do You Create A Credible Estimate For Public Cloud Usage?

By Jeffrey Hewitt | May 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Many organizations are continuing to adopt public cloud to solve IT challenges. This means that it becomes critical to put together a credible and reliable cost estimate for making any moves to public cloud.  To enable successful IT public cloud cost estimation, there are 4 views that must be taken into consideration (Figure 1).

These views become the foundation for moving away from potential faulty assumptions regarding public cloud costs and enabling the development of more reliable and valuable financial estimates.

My analyst colleagues, John McArthur and David Wright, have published an excellent guide to help you develop the right public cloud cost estimates.  It is entitled, Replace Assumptions With Accurate Estimates Before Migrating to Public Cloud, and it provides valuable advice on how to lay a financial foundation for making the right public cloud choice.  Without the more accurate estimates, the risk of building a business case that misses the mark increases significantly.  This risk is something that no organization can afford to accept today as public cloud choices and outcomes have become more and more critical to achieving overall success.

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