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Follow Some Simple Steps To Achieve True IT Resilience

By Jeffrey Hewitt | June 29, 2021 | 0 Comments

Many organizations seek to find an effective path to improve reliability, tolerability and disaster recovery. There are some straightforward steps that can be taken to achieve this desired resilience.  Gartner has 7 tips on where to focus in order to get started (Figure 1).

My Gartner colleagues, Ron Blair, Belinda Wilson, Mrudula Bangera, and Josh Chessman, have authored a document that elaborates on these tips and outlines an effective plan to follow to achieve IT resilience.  This document is entitled, IT Resilience — 7 Tips for Improving ReliabilityTolerability and Disaster Recovery, and it is a great guide to help organizations get what they want and need–the establishment of an effective path to keep their businesses up and running.  In today’s IT world, this is a necessary priority.

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