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Evaluate Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software Choices For Edge Computing

By Jeffrey Hewitt | February 22, 2021 | 0 Comments

Hyperconverged infrastructure software use continues to grow. A question that commonly arises is whether it can be used for edge computing deployments. To effectively understand this, one must start with a set of criteria and weight each of those criteria through an edge-computing lens.  Figure 1 represents an example of those criteria and their weightings for an edge use case.

Note that the ability to flexibly locate a hyperconverged infrastructure software solution (labeled as ‘location’ in this graphic) and management functionality are the two most highly weighted criteria in this exercise.  By viewing providers through this lens, it can help I&O leaders make the right choice for their edge needs.

Gartner provides this analysis in its recently published, Critical Capabilities for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software.  Through these weightings, providers of hyperconverged infrastructure software are compared in terms of applicability for the edge computing use case.  Not only can clients change these weightings on line and see the results, but also other use cases are shown with more appropriate weightings for each of these criteria.  These use cases include core IT, cloud, mission critical and VDI.

When looking for a hyperconverged infrastructure software provider for an edge use case (or any use case for that matter), it is important to start with the right criteria and the relative importance of each of those criteria in order to make the optimal solution selection.


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