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Driving Digital Business Growth

By Jeffrey Hewitt | March 09, 2021 | 0 Comments

Infrastructure and operations leaders continue to face a myriad of challenges.  These include new trends like anywhere operations, operational continuity, core modernization, and optimal infrastructure.  These challenges also encompass newer infrastructure choices like computational storage and distributed cloud.  How can I&O leaders address these challenges and contribute positively to their businesses? Gartner has a solution–it is called Infrastructure Led Innovation.  This I&O strategy has a simple definition (Figure 1).

My colleague, Roger Williams, has published a video that helps I&O leaders understand how to use this strategy effectively in their organizations.  The video, available on, is entitled, Expert Insight VideoI&O Leaders Must Harness InfrastructureLed Innovation to Drive Digital Business Growth. This video provides real-world advice on how to understand an Infrastructure Led Innovation strategy and apply it within infrastructure and operations and produce optimal results.

The idea behind all of this is to not only demonstrate the relevancy of an infrastructure and operations organization,  but to move that organization into a leadership position in driving digital business and ultimately, what all organizations aspire to achieve–positive results.

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