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Don’t Forget About The Network When It Comes To DevOps

By Jeffrey Hewitt | July 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

I’m going to say that the network is not a specific part of my coverage as an analyst. Even so, it seems to me that the network is often ignored or left to specific network experts to address when other initiatives are in play

DevOps is an important and popular initiative in the IT world today.  For infrastructure and operations leaders, the network is something that is important to consider and address when it comes to the challenge of moving to a DevOps environment.  That is why I want to highlight an excellent document that my Gartner colleagues, Andrew Lerner and George Spafford, have authored.  It is entitled, Best Networking Practices in a DevOps World.  This document provides some solid advice that I&O leaders will find to be quite valuable.  One example is to integrate networking operations into the DevOps toolchain.

This is only one of the helpful pieces of advice that can be found in the Gartner publication.  The advice is part of an overall theme–don’t ignore the network.  In fact, incorporate the right network approaches into your DevOps efforts, and you’ll achieve a better result.  Far better, in fact, than if you don’t include the network as an important aspect of your DevOps initiatives.


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