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Cool Things Are Happening At The Edge

By Jeffrey Hewitt | June 14, 2021 | 0 Comments

Edge computing is a hot topic today. At the moment there are a variety of edge patterns emerging in terms of deployment. In fact, edge computing has a range of complexities that beg recognition (Figure 1).

So what interesting vendors are emerging to address this burgeoning computing approach?  My colleague Bob Gill answers that question with his recent publication, Cool Vendors in Edge Computing, 2021. In this Gartner document, Bob and other analysts take a look at new and innovative vendors, products and services that are addressing the edge computing space.  Four vendors are covered and their offerings range from PaaS to immersion cooling–all related to the edge computing area.

When it comes to edge computing, the good news is that there are some potentially exciting vendors that are helping to aid organizations to achieve their edge computing goals.

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