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An Effective “Recruitment Hack” To Hire The Best

By Jeffrey Hewitt | July 27, 2020 | 0 Comments

As skills and competencies requirements change, infrastructure and operations leaders face a challenging task of recruiting professionals that are not only meet their job needs, but also are a good fit into their organizational culture.  This is difficult under today’s Covid-19 conditions and will remain so long after the current business environment changes.  So how do I&O leaders optimize their hiring efforts to achieve the best results?  The hack is simple–introduce the art of branding into the process.

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to apply some simple branding discipline to your job descriptions.  Gartner has devised a “recruitment hack” through 3 common branding approaches that you can apply to the development of your job descriptions.  By applying one of these three branding approaches to job descriptions, its easy to see how it can make the right candidates come forward.

A recent Gartner document entitled, Attract Top I&O Talent by Treating Job Descriptions as Branding Documents, outlines in  more detail how to choose the right branding approach and work with HR to apply that choice in order to get the best fit candidate for a given job.  Whether looking for candidates in the face of Covid-19 or planning for skill and competency requirements as economies normalize, a little branding can produce some valuable results.

Trying to plan for longer-term skill needs as conditions change?  Check out, I&O Leaders Should Future-Proof Team Skills and Competencies With a Skills Alignment Quadrant, on  Utilizing a branding approach along with this latter planning guide, can make a “killer combination” when it comes to getting the right professionals in place at the right time.

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