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I&O Leaders Must Take The Right Actions Today To Cut Costs

by Jeffrey Hewitt  |  April 28, 2020

Today’s environment carries some unique challenges for I&O leaders. There are shifting needs in a number of areas (e.g. enabling increased remote working). In the face of these shifts, I&O are still expected to find ways to reduce costs. One of my colleagues, Katherine Lord, has provide some creative ways to do this. These recommendations […]

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There is a lot that I&O leaders can learn from Covid-19

by Jeffrey Hewitt  |  April 10, 2020

Welcome to my first Gartner blog. My colleague, Bob Gill, and I will post our first blogs today and will be focusing on insights intended to help I&O leaders. I recommend that you check out Bob’s blog as well. What to do about Covid-19 Speaking of insights, Covid-19 virus is top-of-mind these days. As various […]

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