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Jeffrey Roster
Research VP
12 years at Gartner
15 years IT industry

Jeffrey Roster is a research vice president at Gartner as part of the Industry Market Strategies Worldwide unit covering the retail and wholesale industries. In this capacity, Mr. Roster consults on market strategies, competitive assessment of the IT services landscape, technology trends and the direction of IT spending to provide market research for IT vendors. Read Full Bio

Gartner/RIS News Retail Tech survey Now in the Field

by Jeff Roster  |  January 26, 2010

This really is a tremendous study with a 20 year history of excellence.  If you’re a retailer and have seen the survey link in your email box please, please, please take the 20 minutes to complete the study.  Your insights and options are valuable and help shape my thoughts for this year.  If you haven’t […]

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It’s That Time Again-Gartner/RIS News Tech Study 2010 – Any Questions We Should Be Asking?

by Jeff Roster  |  December 14, 2009

I find this project to be the highlight of my year for a couple of reasons: 1. Working with Joe Skorupa and the RIS News team is a real pleasure.  They are a terrific group of professionals and all really love this industry.  2. There’s not an event I go to where I don’t meet a respondent to […]

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My Activity Schedule for NRF 2010

by Jeff Roster  |  December 13, 2009

My schedule for NRF is filling up quite nicely.  At this point all my day slots have been spoken for.  But my long standing habit is to attend public or semipublic events in the evenings instead of attending private dinners.  So if you happen to be at any of the below events come by and […]

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Black Friday/CyberMonday Reflections

by Jeff Roster  |  November 30, 2009

In all the noise surrounding these to events the one that caused me to stop in my tracks and think for a minute was the below tweet from Nicole Maestri of Reuters: With all these Thanksgiving day and pre-Thanksgiving sales, I wonder how much longer Black Friday will actually mean anything? She asks a very provocative […]

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Retail Story at Oracle OpenWorld

by Jeff Roster  |  October 8, 2009

Next week I will be attending the first two days of Oracle OpenWord. Most of my two days will be spend at the Palace Hotel where the retail sessions are. So if you plan on being at OOW and at any of the sessions or events listed below please feel free to come by and […]

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NRF’s View of Holiday 2009…and Mine

by Jeff Roster  |  October 7, 2009

Today the NRF released the below forecast for Holiday 2009 2009 holiday forecast, projecting holiday retail industry sales to decline one percent this year to $437.6 billion.* While this number falls significantly below the ten-year average of 3.39 percent holiday season growth, the decline is not expected to be as dramatic as last year’s 3.4 […]

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Mobile Commerce: Has Its Time Finally Arrived?

by Jeff Roster  |  September 24, 2009

Yes it’s been awhile since my last blog.  I have spent to much of my blog time exploring Twitter and other social media, but that’s another post.  In the retail world 2009 has turned out to be the year of cost containment and a borderline bunker mentality. The one glorious exception has been retailer’s embrace […]

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Retail 2009: Do the 4R’s Replace the 4P’s?

by Jeff Roster  |  March 12, 2009

Below are excerpts from the Executive Summary for the Gartner/RIS News Tech Study . We’ll be releasing the study and presenting the data next month at the Retail Technology Conference 2009.  Follow the runup to the conference on Twitter at #RTC The year 2009 will long be remembered as a time of great challenge for […]

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IT Spend by Industry Worldwide

by Jeff Roster  |  February 11, 2009

The Industry Market Strategies team has just finished the first installment of the 2009 forecasting exercise. The complete WW Industries forecast cube can be found at Forecast: Industry Market Strategies by Vertical Industry, Worldwide, 2006-2012, 1Q09 Update and is now available. You will need to be an IMS client to gain total access to the […]

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The Gartner/RIS News Retail Tech Study 2009

by Jeff Roster  |  January 27, 2009

I just launched the study yesterday and the data is streaming in.  Already I’m seeing some interesting and counterintuitive trends in the data.  Each year this study is important.  It gives us a unique view into the retailer mindset on IT spending patterns.  However this year the importance is off the charts.  If you haven’t […]

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