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Surprise…You’re a Zombie!

By Jeff Brooks | April 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

 In my first official blog on the Gartner network I explained a little bit about this Zombie note I was working on and how I decided to bring it to a blog for your consumption. Since then, I am happy to disclose that I will be turning this blog into a presentation that will be presented somewhere in Europe, sometime this Fall. So…very excited about that, and now a little scared that I have to create a PPT which features Zombies! I would love to say I am the first analyst to do this, but alas…I am not. Anyway, no further delays, I would like to present to you part 2 of my zombie story about metrics. Please enjoy and I’ll wrap the whole thing up in the final installment in my next post.

How Infrastructure and Operations Caused the Zombie Apocalypse – A Fable about Immaturity and Poor Metrics (Part 2)

A Surprising Discovery…

Facilities engineer Martin Trumble’s mobile phone rings. It’s Jenna and she explains that “a little bit ago” she received a monitoring alarm on a freezer in Sector BIO17. Martin says, “No problem…I’m on my way!” A few minutes later Martin arrives at the panel of the freezer where the alert is occurring. He notices a wire sticking out that seems to be stripped of its plenum. He grabs his trusty electrical tape and Philips screwdriver and reattaches the wire into the panel. A few seconds later the alarm stops. Martin looks up and notices that the temperature which had risen to 48 degrees, looked to be returning to the prescribed -12 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling fans seemed to be on again, and Martin phoned Jenna to confirm the monitoring system appeared to be OK opting to leave the details of the temperature increase for his action notes in the new IT Service Support Management (ITSSM) system.

As Martin turned to walk away, he heard a noise coming from inside the freezer unit. “That’s odd” he thought to himself. He was the only one around, and hadn’t noticed anyone else anywhere near the freezer. He looks in the freezer window and doesn’t see anything, but hears the noise again. Martin slowly opens the heavy insulated door and before he could react, a rat comes scurrying out of the freezer. “Holy Moly!” Martin yells, and lets out a scream like a little child. But before he can move, the rat lunges at Martin and sinks his teeth into Martin’s leg. Martin pronounces, “Darn it!” kicks the rat off his leg and abruptly crushes it underneath his heel. As Martin looks down at his leg and notices a small trickle of blood, he rationalizes that this is just one more hazard of the job. He closes the freezer door and heads off to his next service call.

When Zombies Attack ….

5 minutes later Martin drops to his knees. Grasping for air, one nearby scientist, Dr. Balash comes over to offer assistance. Dr. Balash asks, “Martin…are you ok? Do you need assistance?” Martin does not respond, but the Dr. notices Martin’s breathing slowing too quickly and froth forming at the corners of his mouth. Suddenly Martin stops breathing and collapses to the ground. The doctor panics, bends over and puts his ear to Martin’s chest to see if he can hear a heartbeat. He hears nothing. He slowly gets up but hears a grunt from Martin. Dr. Balash proclaims, “Martin…oh thank goodness!” Martin grunts again…and the good doctor stammers, “Martin?” The scientist slowly leans down to Martin in an attempt to determine what Martin appears to be muttering. In a blur, Martin attacks Balash sinking his teeth into the doctor’s neck. The Dr. reflexively rises to his feet and starts to run down the hallways but quickly falls as the blood loss drains all human strength from him. Martin, eyes cloudy and blank, blood and flesh dripping from his mouth, staggers off. Slowly the physical form that was Martin, stammers toward the hallway where the scientist lays still. As he approaches Dr. Balash also starts to grunt, and slowly rises to his feet, his eyes also lacking any sign of humanity.

To Be Continued…

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