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Don’t Be Distracted by the Light

by Jay Heiser  |  April 29, 2011

Every service provider in the world claims to have clean power and well-aged passwords, but what’s the benefit in that if their proprietary technology is hacked? We live in an IT world characterized by pseudotransparency.

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Get your head out of the cloud

by Jay Heiser  |  April 27, 2011

The people responsible for assessing confidentiality, integrity, and availability risks should be focusing their attention on what is relevant to risk.

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Stolen Credit Card?

by Jay Heiser  |  April 14, 2011

This morning a group of analysts were comparing notes on some personal and recent experiences with credit card loss.   A reasonable person might ask why credit card theft and fraud is so prevalent.  The simple answer is that a huge and growing part of our financial transaction system is based on 19th century technology. […]

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T’warn’t me, it musta been Epsilon

by Jay Heiser  |  April 4, 2011

Can there be anyone left in America who hasn’t received at least one notification from a bank or merchant that A) their data was leaked and B) it was Epsilon’s fault. Why is it important that the affected consumers know that a service provider was responsible?  Is that necessary information for customers trying to determine […]

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