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Sticky Wikis

by Jay Heiser  |  December 9, 2010

Wikileaks has become the world’s most visible and newsworthy user of cloud computing.  Its current situation provides some useful enterprise lessons on the unique attributes of digital information. 1) Digital data is very fragile: Even within something as simple as a PC filesystem, a digital file doesn’t exist as a single contiguous body of information. […]

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A day without Wikileaks….

by Jay Heiser  |  December 7, 2010

…is like a day without news. By my reckoning, I managed to go almost 24 hours without hearing the words ‘Wikileak’ or ‘Assange’.  Watching the Jets get blown out of New England was probably one of the best possible ways to watch TV while avoiding current events. Its no wonder that a huge number of […]

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