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The Everything Customer Expects Multiexperience, Not Omnichannel

By Jason Wong | October 23, 2019 | 0 Comments

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In March of 2018 I wrote a blog that multiexperience development has arrived. Since then, several analysts have published research reports to expand on what “multiexperience” means to various technologies and the impact to Gartner clients. This week at Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Orlando, Don Scheibenreif presented to 10,000 CIOs and IT executives the ways that a multiexperience platform and mindset can satisfy the demands of the “everything customer“. Multiexperience has now been elevated to a CIO topic and IT leaders need to understand what this means.

multiexperience platform
Don Scheibenreif on the Multiexperience Platform and Everything Customer

It’s About the Experience, Not the Channel

Multiexperience is about designing and developing seamless and effortless experiences across apps, digital touchpoints and interaction modalities. Notice that I did not say “channel”. Many of you may think multiexperience is the same as multichannel or omnichannel. It is not. Channel is an analog term (think TV channel), and we live in a digital world now (think streaming content). Channels are fine when applied to sales, marketing and supply chain, but your customers don’t think about what “channel” they are in. They just want to get things done, on whatever digital touchpoint they choose and whichever modality they wish to interact through. They could care less about your channel.

Get Moving Towards Multiexperience

You are likely on a journey already to delivering multiexperience for your customers–even if you don’t call it that. But what you need is actionable guidance to help break free of the channel-mindset and steer you in the right direction for experiences in the digital age of mobile, conversational, immersive, wearables and more. As I mentioned, Gartner has already produced many research notes on the topic of multiexperience and I would encourage Gartner clients to read these research reports to prepare your organization when your CIO asks “what is our multiexperience strategy”.


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