Most organizations recognize the value, necessity and benefits that the Voice of the Customer (VoC) plays in building a positive customer experience and overall success. Departments, processes, programs and metrics are organized around it. However, many of these same companies fail to consider, or neglect altogether, another important voice – the Voice of the Employee (VoE).

The concepts of employee satisfaction and engagement correlating to higher customer satisfaction are not a new. Research shows that engaged, motivated employees are more productive and provide better service to your customers and prospects. When acted upon, VoE programs do more than tell you how happy employees are. By offering a safe, consistent outlet for employees to share both positive and negative feedback, VoE initiatives can:

  • Spur creativity and innovation: by serving as a forum where suggested improvements and ideas can be shared and built upon.
  • Improve issue identification and resolution:  the breadth and depth of everyone having a voice aids in faster, more proactive identification and rectification of existing or potential problems and risks  These can span from issues that affect your customers and prospects, to those that prevent your employees from be able to do their jobs to the fullest extent (such as a lack of training, tools or support).
  • Reduce turnover: the identification of employee values, concerns and goals, and how your organization is perceived in meeting them, offers the opportunity to address what might otherwise be hidden obstacles or deterrents to employee engagement.
  • Expand recruiting efforts: just as unhappy customers speak out, so do your dissatisfied employees – usually on public forum sites and via social media. Positive employee word of mouth (WoM) will serve as one of your, if not the best, recruiting methods. Plus, if your company has the reputation of being a place where employee input is listened to, valued, and acted upon, you can attract higher caliber employees as well.

When employees are satisfied and engaged, your customers and company benefit. The question regarding Voice of the Employee programs isn’t why should you do one – it’s why aren’t you?


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