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Great Content is the Great Equalizer

By Jake Sorofman | May 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

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For many marketing leaders, contemplating the range of digital marketing options can feel like gazing up at the stars. It’s awesome and infinite—at once inspiring and intimidating.

You hear this in the voice of so many digital marketers today. They’re fired up by big visions. But they often have more passion than conviction—because, let’s face it, this stuff isn’t exactly easy.

This observation inspired a thought: At its heart, great content is really the great equalizer. While doing content marketing well is by no means easy, it’s a challenge that’s somehow more familiar—more tractable—to a lot of marketers. It’s about storytelling. It’s about merchandizing moments of inspiration. It’s about taking some risk, having some fun and allowing a little soul and humanity to seep into our work. It’s about producing artifacts that challenge thinking, enlighten, enliven, entertain, engage.

Red Bull is a great example. For adrenaline junkies—or, more likely, voyeurs of adrenaline-producing experiences—their content is utterly irresistible. But, you may suggest, there’s nothing particularly equalizing about Red Bull’s content marketing efforts. They’ve become a publisher in their own right, producing extraordinary videos of extraordinary quality. They sponsored and staged a supersonic space jump, after all. No shortage of ambition there.

Fair enough. Red Bull is a category-defining example, a class unto itself. But I’d argue that the sort of earned visibility they’ve generated would have been prohibitive using paid media or other digital tactics.

And that’s the point I’m trying to make: Great content is the great equalizer because, compared to so many other digital strategies, it’s more cost effective at any scale. When it’s done right, content marketing amplifies reach, engagement and makes your brand soar.

You might even say it gives you wings.

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