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Back to the Future for EMC

By Jack Santos | March 01, 2016 | 0 Comments

The Journal had an article about EMC’s increased focus on flash memory storage systems.   I, along with a Gartner colleague that was focused on storage,  looked at non volatile memory as a storage replacement years ago, and concluded it was going to be a huge ramp up.  It was huge; I am writing this on a flash memory based laptop, for instance.

But this quote got my attention: “EMC’s purchase of DSSD is one of several ways the company is shifting away from the hard-disk technology that was once fundamental to its business.”  Although true for more recent times, the move really goes back to EMC’s roots as a memory storage company.  It was around 1990 that  EMC transformed itself from that to a magnetic disk storage company – quite successfully.  Now it seems they’ll be part of keeping Dell relevant in what they were once the market leader in – memory; although this time it is flash memory…one thing is for certain, EMC mastered opportunism in the tech field – whether it be memory, disk storage, or virtual machines (via VMware).  Let’s hope they do the same inside Dell.



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