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Catalyst Keynoter: Harper Reed

By Jack Santos | April 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

This is Harper Reed.  He’ll be part our Catalyst conference keynote in July.

You have to wonder about someone when their website proclaims them as one of the “coolest guys ever”.

And didn’t he write “To Kill a Mockingbird”?

Maybe we can forgive his publicist for the moniker.  The photos of the tattooed mohawked geek-glassed joker make you wonder whether he’s in charge of IT at the local skateboard park, or is a refugee from a metal concert.  And “Mockingbird”?  That was Harper LEE

But then you find out that one of his BFFs is Barry O – AKA PreSIdent of the UnItEd StaTes.

You see, Harper Reed was the CTO for the Obama 2012 presidential campaign.  All that talk about analytics?  The “get out the vote” software that trumped Romney’s feeble implementation, and many attribute to winning the election?  The buck stops at Reed, and that’s where the ideas start too.  Catch him at our Catalyst conference in San Diego, July 29-Aug 1.  He’ll also lead a breakout session.

This ain’t no poser,  so bring your board, it’s gonna be sick…

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