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Jack Santos
Research VP
7 years at Gartner
40 years IT industry

Jack Santos is a Research Vice President with Gartner, part of the Enterprise Architecture and Technology Innovation team within the Gartner for IT Leaders product. He focuses on enterprise architecture and technology trends. Mr. Santos' specific area of research covers individual development, leadership and management practices for enterprise architects, EA innovation, and collaboration approaches. Read Full Bio

United Airlines, Enterprise Architecture, and Decision-making

by Jack Santos  |  April 12, 2017

United Airlines. Two words that will live in infamy. At least until the next zeitgeist moment arrives…. But there is actually something more subtle operating here that is at the core of many business decisions, and is integral to how Enterprise Architects need to think about decision-making.  The dichotomy between customer experience and design, and […]

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Suicide by Facebook

by Jack Santos  |  February 17, 2017

Today’s Wall Street Journal highlights a quote by Mark Zuckerberg: “There have been terribly tragic events — like suicides, some live streamed — that perhaps could have been prevented if someone had realized what was happening and reported them sooner” That hit a chord with me on two levels:  a friend who committed “suicide by […]

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2016 Healthcare Security – The Breach Goes on

by Jack Santos  |  February 9, 2017

This is my 7th year of analyzing healthcare breaches reported to HHS.  This has become a tradition, and I don’t profess it to be an exacting science – some rather simple observations and straightforward accounting. Prior years analysis are here for 2010,   2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, 2016. As I suspected, 2015 will go down as […]

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Robots, Drones, AI, oh my!

by Jack Santos  |  January 13, 2017

Sorry for the long blog hiatus. I’ll try to step it up a bit. Working on my annual healthcare data breach blog entry, I couldn’t help but reminisce about robots. Yes…reminisce. Remember the office delivery robot from the ’70s???   Looked something like this: Well in the 2010s they are morphing to this, but with […]

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What Rules @ MIT: MVP, BlockChain

by Jack Santos  |  May 20, 2016

Just returned from my annual visit to the technology altar:                   The MIT Sloan CIO Symposium. Intriguing to be brought up to speed on some of the research being done there, like with ….And then there is   The term “blockchain”, in tech circles, is like a bell […]

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The Intersection of “Tics” – Politics and Analytics

by Jack Santos  |  April 27, 2016

Interesting comments by former Senate Majority leader George Mitchell (who I will be at a dinner event with Friday night). Towards the end he states that the current U.S. political polarization is due in large part to redistricting, and the gerrymandering being done with voting districts.  I would take it a step further.  Analytics and Big Data have really […]

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The Secret to Digital Success? Break the Law, but Don’t Get Caught…

by Jack Santos  |  April 18, 2016

We’ve had some discussions about the future of organizations in a digital world, and then reflected on key success points: Uber, Google/YouTube, others.  One of the lessons learned, as voiced by a colleague, was “work in the gray areas of regulations”. Gray Areas? GRAY AREAS???  How about break the rules blatantly, but provide plausible deniability […]

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Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda: GE and Apple

by Jack Santos  |  April 5, 2016

I love it when an alternative universe story gets published – like in a recent NY Post article about how GE considered buying Apple .  Not surprising.  The story flashed me back to that time; I actually had a breakfast meeting with Spindler around the time this was happening. Apple was in dire straits.  Jobs was fired, […]

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Our Fantastic Voyage

by Jack Santos  |  March 3, 2016

I had a flashback to a childhood experience seeing the movie “Fantastic Voyage” in 1966 when I read this article about ingestible cameras in the WSJ; You have to admit the visual similarities are amazing.             OK – no people inside that capsule on the right, but there might as well […]

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Back to the Future for EMC

by Jack Santos  |  March 1, 2016

The Journal had an article about EMC’s increased focus on flash memory storage systems.   I, along with a Gartner colleague that was focused on storage,  looked at non volatile memory as a storage replacement years ago, and concluded it was going to be a huge ramp up.  It was huge; I am writing this on a […]

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