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Tailor Social Media Content by Getting to Know Platform Power Users

By Jack Mackinnon | February 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Social Media is no monolith. The most popular social media platforms—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter—offer vastly different functionality and features. Creating varied content across these core four is certainly a brand best practice, but marketers must first identify the unique audiences on each platform. To better understand audience preferences marketers may begin by studying the characteristics of the most digitally devout: those that log on at least every day.

The demographics, behaviors, and values of highly active social media platform users are quite distinct across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. While most of today’s social media users maintain profiles across several sites, the collective identity of each platform’s power users vary greatly. Understanding these traits can help marketers effectively target communication with potential customers. The distinctions below just scratch the surface, but they illuminate the need to craft social media strategy and content with platform-specific audiences in mind:

  • Facebook frequent users are the oldest and most suburban among the four most popular platforms. Their common, differentiated values of friendship and sharing indicate a preference for the “social” in their social media to mimic real life interactions.
  • Instagram’s daily users are more diverse than the other core four platforms. Their uniquely prioritized values, such as self-expression and individuality, indicate a desire to use the platform to communicate their own, distinct perspectives.
  • Snapchat boasts the youngest daily users of the four platforms. Their differentiated values like discovery and fun demonstrate the platform’s potential to boost users’ creative energy.
  • Twitter is the only platform with a male-majority frequent user base. Their prioritization of values such as passion and purpose highlight frequent users’ desire to use Twitter as a functional bridge between consumers and brands.

Marketers hoping to get more mileage out of their social media posts would do well to better understand key distinction between frequent user groups on each platform. For more insights related to key distinctions among social media daily users, read “Optimize Social Media Performance by Harnessing the Power of Platform-Specific Consumer Insights” (subscription required).

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