IT Glossary

Tag Management

…of other content, improves the speed of changes, the quality of tags and provides an audit trail….

Remote Diagnostics

…Remote diagnostic technologies provide the ability to deliver onboard vehicle-related performance and quality data to a central monitoring application for the purpose of improving parts performance and reliability insights for engineering and product development. Remote diagnostics can also improve customer relationship management by automating repair and service scheduling….

Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)

…A business intelligence competency center (BICC) develops the overall strategic plan and priorities for BI. It also defines requirements, such as data quality and governance and fulfills the role of promoting the use of BI….

service inventory

Encompasses a centralized repository of network and IT data for individual services. Every service represents a bundle of attributes and features, such as quality, speed, customization and price. The repository of service levels, links the service information to individual customers. Read reviews of Services Procurement Solutions… Gartner Peer Insights has over 37 reviews on 5+ vendors in the Services Procurement Solutions market. Learn…

PCS (personal communications services)

Broad range of voice and data telecommunications services that enable people to communicate via two-way radio phones based exclusively on digital technologies such as CDMA and GSM. Characteristics of PCS include personal numbers assigned to individuals rather than devices, near-wireline-call-transmission quality, low-power and lightweight mobile devices, enhanced call completion, call billing and call management services. PCS networks operate…

Enterprise Nervous System (ENS)

…enterprise network, but it is an evolution of that network, providing value-added functions that elevate the role of the network well beyond that of plain communication. Whereas a conventional network simply aims to transfer data between sending application systems and explicitly defined destinations, an ENS offloads work from the application systems because it: Offers enhanced quality-of-service for communication Transforms messages Redirects…

Business Process Analysis Tools

Business process analysis tools are primarily intended for use by business end users looking to document, analyze and streamline complex processes, thereby improving productivity, increasing quality, and becoming more agile and effective. These tools also support the roles of business process architect and business process analyst, and enable them to better understand business processes, events, workflows and data using proven modeling…

Automatic Storage Tiering (Auto-Tiering)

Auto-tiering is a quality of storage service feature that enables logical volumes or LUNs to span different tiers of storage and transparently move portions of the logical volume between tiers of storage to minimize storage costs and deliver consistent performance and throughput. The movement of sub-LUNs between tiers is managed by auto-tiering algorithms and/or policy. This makes it practical to reduce the storage costs of applications without…

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