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Obligatory “Hey, we just published the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms“.

My favourite part of the whole damn thing this year, is that we did not use the terms “Next-gen” or “NGAV” anywhere.  Hallelujah!

Almost daily, I get asked to talk clients through the various “next-gen players” in the EPP and EDR market.  Unfortunately I don’t know enough about ST:TNG to make a witty remark.

Picard "What do you mean Next-Gen?"

Honestly, it feels like the phrase has been a well known joke in the security industry for years, but it’s still around 🙁

The phrase does more to confuse clients and end-users than it does to describe anything useful.  It takes longer to try and understand what people are looking for when they say “Next-gen”, and more often than not it does not mean what anyone thinks it means.

My colleague Mario de Boer put it perfectly in June last year:

Forget Next Gen and Adopt “Who-Cares-as-Long-as-It-Works Gen”

Before discussing techniques and comparing endpoint security solutions, let us agree to not use the term “next gen.” There are no next-gen solutions, no next-gen attacks, and no next-gen vendors. The term “next gen” is a marketing term, and we should refrain from using it in research that is looking at endpoint security from a technology perspective. Attack and defense techniques have improved and evolved over decades, and nothing revolutionary is going on.

I’m putting a line in the sand, #NoMoreNextGen.

Ask specific questions of sales reps, and conference demos, and help them move away from dumbing down their message:

  • “Can you protect my endpoints from vulnerabilities when I’m a little behind on my patch deployment?”
  • “How does your solution identify malicious files, without relying on daily signature distribution?”
  • “How do you detect and protect against lateral movement?”
  • “Can your solution offer my small security team help with step-by-step incident analysis, and guided remediation?”
  • “What can you tell me about tactics, techniques, and procedures attackers use, and how your solution improves my security posture?”


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1 Comment

  • Robert Travis says:

    Bravo Ian and Mario too. Time for #Realproducts solving #Realcustomerproblems.