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Catalyst: In case you missed a session.

By Ian Glazer | August 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

Well the Catalyst dust has finally settled and San Diego is fading into memory. From my perspective, this year’s Catalyst was a big success. Lots of great content. Lots of good energy. Lots of positive feedback.

We did pack in a bunch of content this year and at any one time there were multiple sessions you probably wanted to attend. The good news this year is that we recorded all the sessions and you can watch them on Gartner Event On Demand. The following is a handy list of all the identity sessions and and link to the videos.

Session Title Speaker
Beyond Join Move Leave: Implications of the Modern Identity Life Cycle Ian Glazer
What About Everyone Else? Managing Nonemployee Identities Lori Robinson and Mary Ruddy
San Diego Identity Standards Smackdown Head Referee: Ian Glazer Participants: David Brossard, Pam Dingle, Kelly Grizzle, Paul Madsen, Pat Patterson
Saving Privacy in the Public Cloud Heidi Wachs
Adaptive Access Control: Holy Grail Snake Oil or The Next Big Thing? Trent Henry
Big Data Security Privacy and Ethics Ian Glazer and Ramon Krikken
Are Your Users Sick of Typing Passwords on Mobile Devices? Give ’em SSO Now! Trent Henry
Privileged Account Management for Private Cloud and IaaS Environments Nick Nikols
The Role of Enterprise Identity in Public and Private Clouds Nick Nikols
Identity and Security: Action Planning and Next Steps Ian Glazer, Ramon Krikken, Trent Henry, Phil Schater, Jack Santos

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