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Beyond Privacy Mirror

by Ian Glazer  |  July 27, 2009

Over the last two weeks, I have been using my homegrown Facebook application, Privacy Mirror, as a means of experimenting with Facebook’s privacy settings. Although Facebook provides a nice interface to view your profile through your friends’ eyes, it does not do the same for applications. I built Privacy Mirror with the hopes of learning what […]

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Laplace’s Demon, Santa Claus and TSA’s Secure Flight

by Ian Glazer  |  July 21, 2009

No doubt you frequent fliers out there have received emails from your airline of choice talking about TSA’s Secure Flight. As you make air travel reservations in the future, your airline will communicate with TSA to get, essentially, a fly/no-fly decision from the Secure Flight system. As the TSA explains in the “How it works” section […]

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Personal Privacy Impact Assessments for Facebook

by Ian Glazer  |  July 7, 2009

I’m reading Canada’s Assistant Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham’s recently released findings into complaints levied against Facebook. (Report of Findings into the Complaint Filed by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC)against Facebook Inc. Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.) My first reaction to this is, frankly, one of jealousy. I […]

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