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The Hype Cycle as Art part 2 – poetry

March 27th, 2009 by Mark Raskino · 1 Comment

As we have seen, some Gartner employees can paint, very well.  Now it seems some others can write poetry – though I will leave it to you to decide how well.

Here is a Hype Cycle Haiku by analyst Wes Rishel

New thoughts exciting hopes
Trying them stirs up doubt, but
Progress can prevail

And here are a couple of verses by analyst Nick Jones

The optimists buy, when the hype is too high,
While tech’s risky and too immature,
The pessimist waits, until it’s too late,
And the ROI’s totally sure
The sensible man, delays, if he can,
Till the point when the hype cycle turns,
He’s happy, not stressed, because he invests,
At the time that’ll bring best returns

 Well I’m impressed. Thanks gentlemen!

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  • 1 Tony Law // Apr 3, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    As an alternative strategy, try this:

    The strategists won’t allow hype to dictate:
    It’s a servant to them, not a master.
    They let it inform, and they factor the risk
    Twixt competitive edge and disaster.

    Or they hold for a while, till it’s over the peak –
    Or even invest in the trough –
    When the prices are low, and there’s knowledge around
    To ensure the return is enough.

    Hype can be a snare: but provides a great guide
    If your buyer’s informed and is practical,
    And knows when investment is for the long haul
    Or when it’s short term, and is tactical.