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Hanns Koehler-Kruener
Managing VP
5 years at Gartner
20 years IT Industry

Hanns Koehler-Kruener is the Managing VP of a team of Analysts who are part of the Digital Workplace group. His team covers content and insight as part of the digital workplace, which includes enterprise content management (ECM), search, EFSS, portals, video content management and the workplace architecture, as well as other content-related subjects. Read Full Bio

Content Services Update 2019

by Hanns Koehler-Kruener  |  August 4, 2019

When my colleague Mike Woodbridge wrote his blogpost about the death of ECM, little did we know we stirred a hornets nest in some parts of the industry. Over the last years the team continued to develop the ideas around content services platforms and the changes it required in the way we covered the market. […]

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Questions and answers about Content Services – an Obituary

by Hanns Koehler-Kruener  |  April 11, 2017

On the 3rd of April Gartner’s content team published a second note in a series that describe Gartner’s changed position and evolution from ECM as a name for a technology market to a more nuanced – and certainly more complete – coverage on Content Services. The article “The Death of ECM” by my colleague Mike Woodbridge […]

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