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Most Valued Content Continues To Build The Regret Story

By Hank Barnes | September 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

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I’ve shared quite a bit of detail (and there is much more for clients) on the differences in behavior between buyers with high regret and those with no regret.  We know that no regret buyers are more thorough evaluators and consume more content to prepare for the decision.   But the content they value most continues to tell the tale.

The graphic above shows (using solid color bars) the content that respondents chose as the having the most value to helping with their decision for High Regret and No Regret purchases.  The top 3 have no gradation, but if something was the top 3 for one group and not the other, the result for that group is shows with gradation and its rank.  A bit of a complex chart–my apologies for that.  (The percentages are based on the percentage of respondents who leveraged that type of content that also said it was the most valued).

There is one thing that both groups agree on.   Content to help assess value potential or build their business case ranked 2nd for both.  I do believe that for the No Regret buyers this is about helping complete the picture.  For the High Regret group, I suspect it is about making their work to “take the recommendation forward” easier.

But the other two are vastly different.  The No Regret customers valued content tailored for their organization the highest and detailed implementation oriented case studies third.   This is all about connecting to their situation and helping them understand what it will take to achieve success.

The High Regret customers heavily relied on modern content (infographics, videos, podcasts) and also traditional content.  They are looking for the short simple, standard stuff vs. digging deep into implementation considerations.  Maybe this contributes to them having to scale things back later—they don’t know what they don’t know and discover it after the fact.

Diving into the content consumption habits of prospects holds lots of clues that can help make sense of pipelines and adjust approaches for the best possible results.   These and other factors should be part of that effort.

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