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More Insights for ETA Based Account Planning

By Hank Barnes | June 28, 2022 | 0 Comments

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As more clients embrace Gartner Enterprise Technology Adoption (ETA) profiles, we continue to publish more research about organizations in each profile group.  ETAs will be a featured part of the Tech Growth and Innovation Conference keynote with a focus on how various organizations approach purchase decisions and their effectiveness in doing so.   But we can also share information on what they are buying and investing in.

In the most recent Gartner CIO and Top Tech Executive survey, we included ETA based segmentation.   Using the two, our team has created 4 more infographics that look at spending priorities using our marketing clusters.  Remembers, we created marketing clusters to simplify adoption and use of ETAs by marketing departments, grouping pairs of ETA profiles together based on similar approaches to buying (one group–the Agile Leaders that are often Catalysts) for markets–stands alone).    The 4 infographics explore planned budget changes, top spending priorities and investment plans for some newer technologies.    You can look at this alone to help predict spending for accounts that you have profiled, helping you prioritize efforts, plan offerings to emphasize, or connect with key initiatives.   You can also grab all 4 and look at them side by side to understand opportunities and preferences across ETAs (so really starting with your offerings, then working to discover who might be most interested.

Some things that popped up for me:

  • Cybersecurity is a top spending priority for the majority of organizations, across all profile groups.
  • The plans for newer tech highlight the biggest differences in marketing cluster groupings–which is all about timing.  The two business-led profiles have the biggest spread in short term deployment plans, followed by strict planners, with the cooperatives being very similar (see screen shots below).
  • The adoption of newer technologies can happen for a variety of reasons.   You’ll see some of our laggard profiles, adopting early, for example.   So, it isn’t like everyone on that group waits for full technology maturity before adopting.  But, the percentage of companies adopting generally follows the New Chasm Curve (although the Conflicted Laggards sometimes try new things faster than the followers–but often with lower investment levels and less success)   These variances are part of the reason we created ETAs in the first place.

Go-to-market and account planning using ETAs can help you make smarter resource decisions.  learn more at TGI or via inquiries (or by reading the research).

For clients, please find links to the infographics below, with some partial screen shots.

Infographic: Tech Priorities of Catalysts in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc.

Infographic: Tech Priorities of Strict Planners in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc.

Infographic: Tech Priorities of Business-Leds in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc.

Infographic: Tech Priorities of Cooperatives in 2022

Source: Gartner, Inc.

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